Structuring the Problematic Situation of Internationalization at the University of Tehran Using Soft System Methodology and Best-Worst Method

Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Lecturer at the Industrial Management department, Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor at the Industrial Department of Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

3 Professor at the Industrial Management Department, Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.



Objective: The push towards promoting the internationalization of universities all around the world have made universities finding themselves in a great competition to understand the problematic situation of this dynamic matter. The main objective of this research is to structure and form the factors influence the internationalization phenomena at the University of Tehran.
Methods: In this study, a mixed-methodology approach of using Soft Operations Research (Soft OR) and Hard Operations Research (Hard OR) was chosen. The Soft OR part of this research mainly focus on the dynamic characteristic of the problem in hand and researchers try to structure the factor influencing the internationalization of the University of Tehran by using the Soft System Methodology (SSM). Based on the SSM preliminaries, interview was chosen as the most appropriate method of data collection in this part since the main focus is on the different stake-holders’ perceptions and experiences in regards to the problem. The quantitative part of the research has a multi-criteria group decision-making design. The interpretation of the results from this part of the research generate insights which complement the SSM in interpreting the problem.
Results and Conclusion: This research has shed out some new light on the fact that even the basic requirements for moving towards internationalization are not met at the University of Tehran. A long-term strategic vision is needed to be planed for first talking the barriers and then taking the first steps toward the internationalization at the University of Tehran. Three main categories are identified based on the finding that requires chronological actions besides a balance emphasize on all simultaneously.