Guide for Authors

Conditions for article acceptance:

  • Identification: Including the title of article in two languages; Persian and English (or French), scientific degree, job address and e-mail address, the first researcher’s phone number and the date of submission.
  • Arranging abstracts in two languages including Persian and English (or French) (between 150 to 200 words)
  • Keywords according to alphabetic order (at the end of abstract)


It is suggested that the article includes the following parts:

  • Introduction (including statement of the problem, research background (literature review, objectives, questions or hypotheses).
  • Methodology (including the population of the study, method of sampling, sample size, research method and instruments).
  • Results (including statistical results. The number for each table and its title, should be written at the top of it and the number of each diagram and its title should be written at the end of it.
  • Discussion and Conclusion (comparing the findings with the literature and explaining the results, presenting solutions to the problems in the area of the research)
  • Footnotes: In this part the English equivalent of the expressions and the Latin names of the authors existed in the reference part are mentioned in its page within the content.
  • Thank:

    It is necessary that the authors in this section, from all financial sponsors, officials, participants/experiments and other people who are not part of the authors and have cooperated with them in the implementation of the research; Give thanks and appreciation (Inserting gratitude to the sponsor or creditor of the research (if any) is mandatory in this section).

  • Persian and English References: It should be arranged according to the APA style including their page numbers


Some other worthy points

The journal is free to accept or reject the articles. The articles are not sent back. The journal publishes those articles which have not been published in other journals before. The article should be at most 20 pages in the word format. The first author of the article is responsible for keeping the right of other authors of that article. The longest time for the answer to the articles is 6 months and just after this period of time the article owners can submit their article in other journals. In the case of the article extracted from a thesis, it is important to mention the main title of the thesis and the date of defense.


Submission method and process:

The article should be submitted according to the guidelines and via Pand system of Shahid Beheshti University which its address is After entering the system, follow the below mentioned steps in order.

1-      Select the option “publishing management”

2-      Select the intended journal from the list of the journals

3-      After entering the new page, choose the “join” option.

4-      After registering your name, a password is sent to your email address.

5-      After receiving your password, enter the system again and follow steps 1 and 2 and then select “Enter”.

6-      By pressing “enter”, you can log in your personal page. Now you can submit your article

Having an ORCID identifier is mandatory for all authors. You can register at