Membership and Pablons Guide

Publons membership and refereeing guide

Publons is a service that allows researchers to present their judgments internationally and to track and recognize them while inserting them. Thus, after registering its judgments in the Publons system, the number of judgments is registered and displayed separately in the Publons system, according to the names of the publications.

Therefore, your articles, citations, references and other scientific research can be centralized in the Publons system and promote your science and academia at the international level.

After judging an article, a researcher in a scientific journal must perform the following steps in order to register their judgment in the Publons system:

1- Registration in Pablons:

2. After registering and entering the information on your personal page, you will become a member of Publons and the result will be notified to your email.

3 - After judging each article, enter your judgment in Publons. To add your own arbitration to Publons Some publications ask you if you would like your arbitration to be automatically added to Publons. Therefore, by clicking on the "yes" option, the judging will be automatically transferred and added to the Publons system.

4. Most publications do not have this option. To add judging, simply forward the thank you email to the review sent to

5. After receiving the Publons response, this arbitration will be added to the number of your approved judgments in the Publons system. This will display the number of verified reviews and the name of the publication.

6. Another thing that Publons does is endorse your various publications in Publons. For this purpose, it is enough to search for the title of the publication and confirm it after entering your personal page in the Publons system.

7- For this purpose, by clicking on the ENDORSE THIS JOURNAL button, your name and photo will appear on the Publons page of the mentioned publication.

Obviously, any of your refereeing activities in Publons will promote your science and knowledge in the world community.